Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cloudy Waves

Little soldiers pass me by sometimes near then far away  
Turning into cotton balls that tend to fade from memory
Melting night becoming day, blessed sandy cloudy waves

Coursing life, caressing stances, long romantic loving glances
Humming home of warm exchanges execute perfected chances
A hello and then goodbye nest in these ancestral branches

Drumbeat strikes the shallow pond rippling on to other places
Thought transforms rock to rainbow, shown in pages' ancient phrases
Falling through the canopied heavens, raining down in cloudy waves

Hands employed, drawn out about, set to tame the tide
Catapult the harrowed ride, birth to death and other side
Drink up now of mother’s love, dew in sunshine bride

Softly slowly goes the way of life, creature blossoms honey strife
We go along our dance so well, children wife and knave
Angels softly watch on these wrapped up in cloudy waves

Breezes blanket bosomed meadows with bees sweetest nectar
One by one each little poppy in a kiss of blissful ardor
Embraced and taken to another, from the place it was before

Oh song of joy and sadness to thee we are as slaves
Each cup that passes from vine to lips drinks up this crowd of days,
Washes sun and moon away, and weeps out splendid lights,
Far above the cloudy waves

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