Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All Laid Out

I closed my eyes and was all laid out on the seaside picnic table
The warm sun shone down on my face like a giant floodlight
The weight of the sky pressed down on my chest, pinned my shoulders, and flattened me against the bench
Wind rushed over my body like ocean waves running to and from the shore 
Pushing my soul further and further out to sea.
Seagulls slashed out with shrieks to rebuff all invisible threats  

So I stretched out still further to beyond the event horizon
There I wept as I embraced those whom I had mostly forgotten
Faces so pure that I wondered at their bright eyes and soft complexions
Emotion flooded my soul as I grieved for not having seen their goodness in too long a time,
While joy turned me in riptide the other way

There we shown above the farthest stars and danced a silent symphony
No want, no desire, no wondering of anything other than the celebration shared
Raised up like a spray upon the spiral of the universe in peace and stillness against a tidal crown of love
Then an unseen hand waved a wind upon all, til like sand in the Sun's warmth
We flew and sparkled in the light and settled back to whence each had come

They to the heavens and I to breathe at ocean's door
On the bench by the shore my cheeks streamed with salt water
My heart not knowing how to stop
Though it be not right to say,
All that I am would rather stay
Raised above with those I've loved,
Than here, laid out in breezes, on this day.

In memory of my Parents, David Horton and many others.

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