Thursday, December 27, 2012

Deep in Sleep

Deep in sleep the dog's barking sound
Came down, down down
Til I swam through the billowy pillows
and comforting blankets up and up

When I reached the surface and opened my eyes
The lightless room unfolded before me
On with my cap and armed with my shoes
I leaned down the hallway like a rubber balloon

Out through the crashing wood and metal doors
I plunged into the cold light of the stars and
Drank in the refreshing clean pool of ether
Who or what had disturbed the frightened beast

He came to my leg and I looked down, scratching his head
Together we went to investigate our domain
Two silent shadows glowering and hovering
Long wrought Iron gate, one looking over, one under

Stillness calling, silence more, and then,
Like some castle drawbridge, the opening gate screeched
And we specters floated into the alley just beyond
Blue corridor, walls and black garbage bins, left and right

Nothing there in the night, nothing wrong, or right
We retreated to our fortress with G-d's blessing
Clanging shut the rolling door, I reached down again
Scratched once more the ever grateful asking canine 

The four legged teddy bear seemed to say
Won't you stay a little longer and keep me company?
I strolled away straight and tall, having just saved us all
From dew, flora and crickets strong, happy for the moment's calm

Glad for the night's celestial heights
Warmed by the sleeping family inside
Grateful for the gift of life
Swept up in the Creator's swirling dream

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