Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Was There

I was there, but could not stay
There, but my mind wandered far away
Away from the overtones and undertones
Buffeted along the way by grave objectives and vapid directives
The meeting's voices now like vast and distant moans
And deep within there were groans, a longing to be free
Free from bleeding away bits of a soul, free from bitter carrot's lure
With each lopsided pledge to taskmasters, in each bloody signature
Away from this empty caricature and towering condescension
Gone sleep-like in a bed of the mind's wandering suspension

Littered is the landscape with houses once walked through
Forgotten are the candy wrappers of past conversations that I knew
Faces of little ones with questioning looks, then chirping fly each on high
Hi, hello, somewhere below, friends pass by with eyes full of love you
By and by with laughing sigh, I to, stretch up and fill the marshmallowed sky
Trees in the breeze so elegant to behold, dancing, whispering
Whistling secrets that cannot be told, caressing and addressing
Their care for one another, and the flowers call out a blessing

The wind's wailing speaks of a way that waxes above the mundane
While below lies the common train,  marching on dutifully till all is drained
The breath of life in everyone can see what is not expressed
From poverty, sleepiness or pained of hearts' distressed
But, turning that night into day, the universe spins as if to say
Let you not be troubled, employ your hand to care and bread
Love one another, be not afraid little ones, is this not what
The messengers that dwell above the stars have said?

Bits and pieces ebb away, though others may choose to stay
Shaking off garments of day, sparks released like mighty waves
Altogether, the old ones say, we like the leaves fly away
Off to join the dust and dew, where all creation is made new
In the heat of pulsar fire, cast about within the great light
There to sing, there to shout,  there to praise, in delight
Embedded in a cloud of voices, with countless countenances
In the heavens to enjoy, announcing love, growing bright
I was there, but could not stay, what it is, I can not say
Till the smallness of things and ambiguities grey,
Announce rainbow stained horizons, radiant in array.

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