Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where Fowl is Fair and a Hound's to Wonder

It’s a Woman's club Cluck, cluck, cluck
It’s a Woman’s club gobble gobble gobble
It’s a Woman's club chirp chirp chirp
Its for the the birds
How on earth did I wander in
How did I come to begin
I feel a little like Rin Tin Tin
Now it feels just like a sin
Bark bark bark bark bark bark
Stumbling through a henhouse in the dark

It’s a Woman's world cluck cluck cluck
It's a Woman's world gobble gobble gobble
It’s a Woman's world chirp chirp chirp
Its for the birds
Where a man ‘s ascribed with voiceless guilt
Hounding the hound, like a longhair shirt
To wag a tale in the dirt Bark Bark Bark
Were Mr. Rodgers eats milktoast
Where members run from shadows and ghosts
Where fowl is fair,  only the effeminate boasts

When the chickenhawks fold
And the kanines blunder
Shot down from the skies
Chained in yard and torn asunder
Anything is possible in this brave new world 
Where Fowl is fair and a hound's to wonder

How shall one then fail to turn away
To live and bark another day
Take up the sword and save the day
Find the passage in the maze
Avoid the mines in the craze
Walk through the door and on his way
Gaze with high regard for fairer sex
Maintain his place as noble rex

Cats meow, horses neigh, hens will chase chicken feed
Oh me, Oh boy, oh my, birds must flap and chirp and fly
In the wonder, no reason why,  just to pause, only to sigh
For a dog becomes a pest of a guest
When he makes his den in a birdsnest
Cluck cluck cluck, gobble gobble gobble, chirp chirp chirp
Bark bark bark bark, bark bark bark
Cooked Goose, Roast Duck, hot dog!

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