Monday, November 24, 2014

Again Gone Lost

I am again what I was once then
A meandering vine, a Bedouin
Wandering through from place to place
Not belonging in any one space
Like a tumble weed blown along
In a black and white cowboy song
Long goes the way but so short the occasion
A shepherd, not brave, yet sometime brazen
Having failed to speak and then too much
A wayward boy again gone lost
Past and future ripped asunder
Gives the thoughtful soul to wonder
Life unreconciled strewn about
Synthesized in dreams of the heart

Friday, November 21, 2014

Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah turns the clock
Blah Blah Blah crows the cock

Lie, lie all the more
Hidden hands toll the bell

What the truth is
Who can tell

Ask the King o'r your head
When you lie thee down to bed
Government meetings
Solicitor pawns

Enforcers ride the tide
Money, fear greed pride

Keep the sheep
Like shepherd dogs

From wandering down
Forbidden roads

Dumbfounded, downtrodden
Lowly, oppressed

Keep their heads down
The powers know best

Scramble now, no not to rest
Please the parents in the nest

High above
In Ivory Towers

Hoping below
For candied showers

Try to run
While they take and take

In this life
No escape

Hope then on
Kingdom come

Trembling those
Who hold the gun

There the dawn
Of Freedom's Sun

Birthing out eternity
Giving Death to tyranny

All those trampled
Down as bitter grapes

Pour out now from the vine
A bouquet of sweetest wine

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Beauty - a poem by Moshe Safdie from his book titled " Form and Beauty "

He who seeks Truth
Shall find Beauty
He who seeks Beauty
Shall find Vanity
He who seeks Order
Shall find Gratification
He who seeks Gratification
Shall be Disappointed
He who considers himself as the servant of his fellow being
Shall find the joy of Self-Expression
He who seeks Self-Expression
Shall fall into the pit of Arrogance
Arrogance is incompatible with nature
Thru the nature of the universe
and the nature of man
we shall seek Truth
If we seek truth we shall find Beauty

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bearing with the Bard ( for Pat)

The bear came to my table
Strong and able
Telling of the field and meadow 
All with great longing he 
Wanting company and tea
a very sociable fellow

He drank my wine
Ate my loaf in time
Whilst visiting for the day 
Wanting to play an affable host
and turning white as a ghost
I invited him to stay

He taught me how to hunt and fish
For berries in the chocolate ice cream dish
He waxed philosophical
Then lectured on earth and religion
Making points to man with precision
Of saints, and Shakespeare metaphysical

Though gruff and snorting
With fearful cavorting
He meant no harm you see 
By and by as hours past 
Making all clear at last
We learned of his history

None dared move him from his place
As in the several hours space
He licked his paws and all plates clean
Til off to bed we crept
Above the angels laughed and wept
Watching down upon the scene

When came thereafter the morning dawn
There he was upon our lawn
He quoted me his poetry
But my ears they could not hear
Then came upon me a kind of fear
My mind bewildered at the symmetry

I realized then that by some magic spell
While stumbling into the camp of day
As if still in the night of forest play
For reason that no one could tell
Sitting quizzical on me his wide eyes stared
That grizzly bruin once so terrible had been made a bard

While I uncivilized, held others at bay
My Dragons breath, and claws bid them pray 
A grumpy growl said, not now, don't care
There found in me, my heart and eyes
By some twist of fate to my surprise
This Nick Bottom, surmised as wise, did himself become the bear 

epilogue: serves to make one take note of bearings and moorings;
The proclivities on the high seas of humanities' knees.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eulogy for Kolya - (Victorious Warrior)

Eulogy for Kolya - (Victorious Warrior)

"... Lay me down like a stone, O God, and raise me up like a loaf,"
- Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace, Ch. XII

I had heard the phone call that our friend had taken ill
The soft voices, spoken prayers, eternal hopes, miraculous dreams
In that stillness of heart we wished and offered our support
Knowing the certainty of sadness to follow
A little while longer and he was gone from us

Retreating into the garden of quiet wandering and drifting thoughts, I began to reflect on the following;

May the Holy One Above comfort Nick's dearest love, and all who mourn among his loved Ones.

Sleep comes to us all, covering us, as we slowly struggle and fall, with an irresistible Blanket of peace. Each winter season brings its news once more and only time serves to Cushion the blow, till it becomes like a bell tolling in the distance. Our friend has overcome Great hardship and we now join in this endeavor with help from one another and a loving hand from above.

May all who have known Nick be blessed with peace and live to see him again in the springtime of another day.

The motion of leaves whispering before the storm
Is it not like the footfall of those we now recall?
Faces turned to shades of memory hidden in the heart
As moonbeams hiding in the folds of satiny clouds
Announce the great light's silhouette, though it be obscured

Nick had been a great man who had traveled the world of far off places,
He Had seen and done miraculous things, the healing of others as a doctor 
In the remote places of China, and Russia, before traveling on later throughout Europe.

Are not the raindrops that fall out of heaven's door
Messengers that come to refresh the land and its people?
To bring good news upon great and small of life and of cleansing?
Are they not but a mirror of our tears and the outpouring of our souls, 
Renewing  the deepest parts of each, helping each to love one another?
For a seed has been brought to bear in the earth, to grow blossoms and fruit
So that now the landscape is peopled with plenty, and each bosom is full.

He had known "qu'un oiel noire te regarde" - the black eyed look of the bull, as a Toreador. Kolya spoke seven languages. He was one who had lived, loved and served well, a humble kindhearted soul, A follower Messiah, surely a Victorious Warrior, who in persevering has finally prevailed.

So precious is that which cannot be bought or contained, in the sight of the Almighty.
That which is sent from on High and then returns again on the wind unseen
As is has been said "For a little seed must fall to the ground in order to give life"
The great and beautiful community of lights is made up of these, as are our families and Friends gathered in this place. The mustard seed has done what the Husbandman Intended, and we have witnessed it. It has Grown up into a vast network of love, 
Of sowing, of harvesting and of abundance here today.

Kolya' friendship came like a comet or meteor, bursting onto our awareness with his Enthusiasm for literature, music, and people, and also his refusal to let the pervasive Cynicism and the unfair aspects of life break the gentle goodness of his spirit.

Are not the footsteps of those remembered here with us now
As the sunshine that comes after the showers to warm and brighten all things?
Do we not see the gifts of our loved ones expressed in the faces of our friends?
When we do, our Maker walks with each one and holds us for a little while

And so we celebrate the fine diamonds mined deep within the earth
The gleaming of purest gold and the sparkle of dazzling jewels,
As we look upon the treasures of life, and celebrate Nick’s in particular.

His light burned brightly until he faded from our view, hidden from the dullness of our vision. For presently the eye cannot endure the grandeur of that which is to come, where This beloved one has now traveled. Gone, away to Hear and sing of things beyond our Knowing. His life, like Frankincense from the censer, has risen.

The good are taken from us, as the world cannot countenance them any longer
It turns away from the evening only to behold the dawning of a new day elsewhere.

 So it is then, that we in this life should be like a loaf of braided egg bread, sprinkled with the laughter of children like poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and raisins.  When looking upon It one sees not the beginning, nor the end, but rather, only the pleasure of its Rising, the Sumptuousness of its yellow, and the richness of its doughy taste.  

And so to, Each friend is like a fine wine, rich in sweetness and royal color, satisfying the Heart and calming the mind. Taken together each enjoys the blessings of one another's Company, and in this way joy shall overtake our sorrow, until it is time to rest.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Banjo Song

Carry me away by and by
Through the trees on the breeze way up high
Lay me down in love by grand canyon river 
so that I might rise with the doves

Cast me off now and then
Just like Jonah and the sea faring men
Send me far below in the belly of the whale,
spit me up on the land once again

O little bird, o tiny bird
Darting in and out of blossoms like a bee
Like a rainbow cross the sky, as you buzz to and fro, 
Humming songs that set the lovers heart free

In the eyes of a child I saw a lovin pure heart
It gave me joy, it gave me joy
Watch em run all about, hear em scream hear em shout
Fair blessed goodness is each girl and boy

Looking up at your face in the dome of night
Moon and Stars swimming in the deep and wide
I get dizzy as the wind spins this old world around
Wheel in wheel beneath His majesty on high

In the meadow stands a man and a wife
With the flowers, full of love and the strife of life
Cast your cares upon Him the bright morning star
So that the little children might know peace.

Catch me up, catch me up, take me away
In the Heavenly Host's eternal day
Like Enoch and Elijah in a chariot of flame
Bowing low before Jerusalem's King

Sky above and Sea below
Curling wind playing in the sun
There's a secret rarely told, what gives life to a soul
Warmth, love and laughter in a well lit home

So lay me down, down to rest
Let the tombstone read: he did his best
To humbly care for those on earth
While givin praise to the One above
Please raise him up in the Savior's love

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Wind and Sky

In the darkness came a light cast down as a shield of love and encouragement
Then the wind blew in from the north like a bony finger poking me in the ribs
It was cold and relentless, it blew up the mountainsides and over the snowy peaks
Spraying the dancing prisms in every direction like flocks of white arctic terns
It blew down the slopes into the Valleys in the black of moonless nights
Banging metal gates, chasing palm fronds, and limbs with giant hands, causing strife among all
Leaving husks behind on the street that looked like dried up sea turtles that had lost their way
It blew through my nights, in my sleepless dreams, and then onto sunlit harrowed day
There, breathing threats, anguish and fears in the breast of beasts, and in the families of man
The winds crashed through the window of life and on through the letters across the white page
Blowing them off the page, all the way to the other side of one week and then into the next
Blasting they came again and again like restless whispering souls in the swirling strokes of Starry Night; all herded, pushed, and lead along by the unseen wings of countless celestial singing angels
It blew in sickness and then carried it out with dust and leaves and old papers strewn about
The hand of the Great unseen Spirit sent the wind to cleanse the land, to scrub it clean and test each one
To refresh the air and all the creatures in its path like children waiting to be clothed and fed
So forceful was the caress from this tide of breath that it moved two and three weeks aside, into the past
As it broke into my sleep again and again so that I wandered aimlessly and anxiously
Through many places of the past, lost and confused, making deals for no one, wandering mazelike,
Searching out friends that were no longer there, trying to find my way back in other cities and times
Then a voice spoke from within my sleep, within my heart saying today is one of special happenings
A time of new beginnings, but someone called my name, and then again, till I awoke and went with her
She took me by the hand and showed the way outside to the yard, and gestured toward the sky in awe
There it was, dawn, covered in the most stunning expanse of onward stretching, burnt reds, pinks, and Gentle faded purples, looking down upon us in innocence like a big blue eye baby covered in rose petals
The wind agreed to be silent for a while, as was the morning, so that every still bosom might drink of its purity
This Winter's day every beating heart great and small is renewed and the world is given life once more
There we were, a part of it all, I in my T-shirt and boxers, Love in her robe, smiling at one another,
Sunlight in our hearts and in the eyes of our children.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Love's Embrace

Forget now the deeds done, all the words said
Time to brush teeth and digest the day's bread
Don once more the clown like clothing
Give into gravity tired bodies groaning
Fidget about lights and tiny cares
Whisper Scriptures, speak quiet prayers

Cold night warm bed
Lay beside the one I wed
Gentle breath, heart thats giving
Reminds one now that life's worth living
Kindness there in love's embrace
Soft the utterings of heaven's grace
Then plunder slumber in sleep's chamber
There the soul to unencumber
Swiftly sort and sweep away
Cares and reasonings of past day
Shadows, shades, memories, ghosts
Dragons, bears, tigers, boasts
Fears, tears, hoping visions
Family, friends, not forgotten
Falling, flying, floating skies
Stars upon the flowing midnights
Turn and churn within the clouds
Misty frosts, life's lovings crowd
Planning, machinations, scheming
The mind brings forth in crazy dreaming
Confused images of silly stages
Tug on covers each engages
Falling down back into bed
Reaching out in the darkened stead
Safe harbor from wind and storm
Silent wisdom enraptured forms
Stay until the dawn arise
Fix thereon the souls bright eyes
The Eternal One restores each soul
Thank You G-d, shuffling to the goal
Fuzzy clarity innocent warning
Calling out to each good morning

Spirit, breakfast, shower, soap and face
Clothing, coffee, tea, and off to race
Now again with sleep unfurled
Carry we this comfort into the world
Each on pace to his or her busied place

Within cups overflowing FROM love's embrace

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Grand Design

The grand design it snow blinds
Great life travels on and unwinds
The powers commanded failing
Exasperations of the future flailing
Nuclear Fires fanning
Quantum leaps spanning
Waves come in with foam
Out roaring again they go
But the staircase seems to get sharper
With each step ever cutting steeper
Ticking tells the fierce lion sleep
His place gives way to timid sheep
Flowers bloom and petals fall
Winged ones fail the ear to call
Appetite like the moon wanes away
Little fears fill the night and day
Morning prayers weakly spoken
Dreams inside the night awaken
Forgotten childhood's loving lost
Longing family feelings past
Mighty steed slows down his pace
Mane grows grey, to pasture race
Garden blooms lie down their bed
Once fecund, now their leaves to shed
Who can tell the wind not to blow
The colder north no frost to show
Sooner stop the world from turning
Better stop the fish from swimming
The breath comes in and turns about
Heart marches on with legs once stout
Climb the way of snowcapped mountain
Flow against the river boatman
Each step is heavier on the path
The knife cuts an ever duller swath
Fuzzy fellows in the trees
Past the point where vision sees
Comes along the misty mind
Shady weeping willow kind
Lazy Political and spiritual reflections
Gone the hard chinese elections
Tired limbs pull on the sleigh
Comforting is the setting day
Little ones now all grown up
Testing lessons, jewels yet rough
Weaker hands fold and pray
More's the cost, Less the pay
Set about in and out
Meaningless to fight and shout
No time to listen less to care
All that's left is love to share.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Well

The hollow self came off the shelf      
Hidden away till season and day
Trade their grace for cold embrace
Unhappy is the way to good that has waned
Weak is the arm of one who is stained
A misshapen heart that drags down thistles and pain
O thirsty soul tis water that refreshes
Deep down below the watercresses
To the walls beating of empty caresses
Into the well traveling onward to make a splash
Rounding walls closing in make the sunbeams flash
Can't stay there, can't say where, damp moss is balderdash
Once inside, the eyes, they lied, as the price was just too high
To winter in the unseen water no matter if to justify
Then came spiraling the sickening water snake
To steal what wasn't his, having been denied pond or lake
But voices from beyond the well sighed and cried
In they fell like knives, hit their mark and cut him up alive
That dank sound fell silent in the round
Then quiet drew away as something else was shown
There the water drank it up, filled the bucket cup
and Catapulted a floater with cap to the top

The well of that which is good does not run dry
Living water lifts high to beloved hope drawing nigh
Coming home to fire warm, and cheery eyes of lives inside
Once again, dispair, the wilted orchid lies dead outside

Monday, November 04, 2013

Shut up the Skies

Where are the mighty men of old
Who shut up the skies so that the rains cannot come
The strong ones who burst the locks and chains
Of gloom in the hidden places
Who will heal the eyes of the feeble
That they may once again look upon fair Helena
What physician can heal the sick at heart
I hide away like Job from the stormy seas
Deep in the belly of the ship
For it comes upon me like the Dark clouds
Without reason or explanation, a howling wind
Slapping the face of thankfulness
Blotting out the Sun of all that is precious and dear
Where shall one go to get away
What potion is there that will relieve meaningless anguish
Floods and torrents without foundation
Whose hollow speeches threaten to carry off our very soul
So I leapt into the jaws of the great sea creature
There I sank ever downward toward my rest
Yet the thing of sadness followed me there
So I wept even while under the shroud of sleep
Even there did I toil on pillow and shake inside
I came to the surface of the waters many times
Only to drop once again like a struggling stone
And the rain fell and the rain poured
Filling up the earth's mouth till it was refreshed
Only then did this one rise again well enough
Rehearsing for another day
When Perfect Strength shall set us free
And nary a dark day ever dawn

Friday, November 01, 2013

The Blues and Autumn

Autumn came, and with it came the blues
Money trouble arrived with the cold wind
Finances blew away like the turning leaves
My mind and heart become grey with the skies
Mice and traps share my attic space
They conspire with sour stomach and restless shades
To keep me awake at 3 bells
So I take a pepcid and shuffle out of the bedroom
and down the dark hall to the kitchen
There I have a tea and read the scriptures
These become my blanket and I pray
I pray for life, family, sick, government and religious leaders
I pray for people to turn toward G-d and
remember compassion once again
Sigh, sleep will come again friend
Like magic, the Fall brings back old voices, new fears
The cold doesn't wait for night it comes by afternoon
It makes me thankful that there is greater reason for hope
Than what my eyes see, my ears hear and my hands can grasp
The feelings puff up my insides and threaten my eyes with tears
Thank G-d they don't come to fill up my furrowed brow
Like irrigation canals crossing this fallow field
Still that child who longs for the family time and tide of youth
Can find solace in the white and quiet of the biting snow moon
In that place, people and time are slowed
Down to timeless crystalline stillness
Warmth then has time to return to the heart
Like cognac after a warm embrace or handshake
Perhaps just a smile from a stranger, a kiss from a friend
Or a whiskey poured down the throat whilst fishing on an ice lake
My father's voice comes back to me, now just a crystal of falling snow
Always carry a little change in your pocket for the stranger
A little compassion, a little compassion
The past and the present come together in Autumn
Do we cry for the present, are we sentimental about the past?
Or do they come to prepare, to make us mindful of the unseen, pristine,
Glowing diamond ship moving on oceans black?
There to fly the longest journey 'cross silent starlit sky
Sleep will come again my friend, sleep will come
In winter's brightest solitary night
Toward Affection's ultimate day.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Thoughts of You

Jasmine petals
Thoughts of you

Midnight dew
Days renew
Thoughts of you
Thoughts of you

Midday waves
Crashing down
Leaves of brown
Hot cracked summer ground
Thoughts of you

Lonely rose
Fragrance spend
Bee upon the diadem
Thoughts of you
Thoughts of you

Sounds of traffic
Rolling by
Heart that tracks
Across the sky
Thoughts of you

Sighs and Smiles
Days pretend
To forget
A tender hand
Thoughts of you
Thoughts of you

Nights shine dull
Moon in vain
Sleep undone
Must rise again
To thoughts of you

Tasteless food
Careless wind
Seasons end
Then begin
Without you

Stark space
Empty chair
Cool dry
Autumn air

Little wings
Flutter by
Voices sing
Away on high

Soaring through
Blue expanse
Seeking there
Love's advance
Roaring clouds...
and you perchance

Thoughts of you
Thoughts of you
Only you
Only thoughts
Of you

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where Fowl is Fair and a Hound's to Wonder

It’s a Womans club Cluck, cluck, cluck
It’s a Woman’s club gobble gobble gobble
It’s a Womans club chirp chirp chirp
Its for the the birds
How on earth did I wander in
How did I come to begin
I feel a little like Rin Tin Tin
Now it feels just like a sin
Bark bark bark bark bark bark
Stumbling through a henhouse in the dark

It’s a Womans world cluck cluck cluck
It's a Womans world gobble gobble gobble
It’s a Womans world chirp chirp chirp
Its for the birds
Where a man ‘s ascribed with voiceless guilt
Hounding the hound, like a longhair shirt
To wag a tale in the dirt Bark Bark Bark
Were Mr. Rodgers eats milktoast
Where members run from shadows and ghosts
Where fowl is fair, only the effeminate speak boasts

How shall one then fail to turn away
To live and bark another day
Take up the sword and save the day
Find the passage in the maze
Avoid the mines in the craze
Walk through the door and on his way
Gaze with high regard for fairer sex
Maintain his place as noble rex

Cats meow, horses neigh, hens will chase chicken feed
Oh me, Oh me, oh my, birds must flap chirp and fly
In the wonder, no reason why,  just to pause, only to sigh
For a dog becomes a pest of a guest
When he makes his den in a birdsnest
Cluck cluck cluck, gobble gobble gobble, chirp chirp chirp
Bark bark bark bark, bark bark bark
Cooked Goose, Roast Duck, hot dog!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Was There

I was there, but could not stay
There, but my mind wandered far away
Away from the overtones and undertones
Buffeted along the way by grave objectives and vapid directives
The meeting's voices now like vast and distant moans
And deep within there were groans, a longing to be free
Free from bleeding away bits of a soul, free from bitter carrot's lure
With each lopsided pledge to taskmasters, in each bloody signature
Away from this empty caricature and towering condescension
Gone sleep-like in a bed of the mind's wandering suspension

Littered is the landscape with houses once walked through
Forgotten are the candy wrappers of past conversations that I knew
Faces of little ones with questioning looks, then chirping fly each on high
Hi, hello, somewhere below, friends pass by with eyes full of love you
By and by with laughing sigh, I to, stretch up and fill the marshmallowed sky
Trees in the breeze so elegant to behold, dancing, whispering
Whistling secrets that cannot be told, caressing and addressing
Their care for one another, and the flowers call out a blessing

The wind's wailing speaks of a way that waxes above the mundane
While below lies the common train,  marching on dutifully till all is drained
The breath of life in everyone can see what is not expressed
Because of poverty, sleepy, or pained of hearts' distressed
But, turning that night into day, the universe spins as if to say
Let you not be troubled, employ your hand to care and bread
Love one another, be not afraid little ones, is this not what
The messengers that dwell above the stars have said?

Bits and pieces ebb away, others may choose to stay
Shaking off garments of day, sparks released like mighty oceans waves
Altogether, the old ones say, we like the leaves fly away
Off to join the dust and dew, where all creation is made new
In the heat of super nova, cast about among the great lights
There to sing, there to shout,  there to praise, in delight
Embedded in a cloud of voices, with countless hearts
In the heavens to enjoy, announcing love, shining bright
I was there, but could not stay, what I knew, I could not say
Till the smallness of ambiguities grey,
Transform to rainbow filled horizons, in stunning array.

Friday, May 03, 2013

The Skunk

The skunk came by at 4:am to putrefy and stupefy
To cause my sleeping sky to fall down utterly on me
I couldn't breath, because this country beast had been brought to my city
And brother, oh my L-rd, does he smell even now, oh so #$%&*
Being considerate of animals and feeling so hot
This one wishes he could prepare the little Peppe
A breakfast of black barrelled buckshot
Traveling to the other side of the house did not help
We'd been attacked and bombed by this little welp
Though unseen and black as night, he makes his presence felt alright
Oh dear G-d take this one away, along with his offensive olfactory quandary    
Drop him along side the fishes beneath the unknowing waves of sea
That sleep might once again rain down on me
Morning's florid fragrant pungency and forget this buggers spray.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Poetry is the innocence that lives in each of us. It is that what makes us unique.
When we try to conform to something other than what we are, the poetry dies.
It is the stuff of kin and kindred, the stories of our past and places.
The verse that springs up from inside of us that is at once relevant, not relevant,
romantic, silly and perhaps nonsensical or crazy.

Youth will not be conquered, but overcomes with laughter and tears, joy and adventure,
Its tests the testy testers, and mocks all the rules of love and life. The jasmine blooms and
so it is with the little ones. Playing at this and that, daring to love and to win. The clouds
yield to blue skies and the wind is content to stroke many ruddy cheeks and fluff
flowing hair with the purity of a brooklet traveling through a bedroom window in the
the waking of the day, and in the waving of wildflowers afield.

Age is the platform that we arrive at while striving for success. It welcomes us on
the bus that may be going nowhere and turns many into spectators observing
the changing scenery through the windows. Alas, the bus always crashes in the end,
with great drama, and usually some tears. But all at once we are free to exit the
bus and play in the spring sunshine once again.  No longer do we tire, watch TV,
read magazines, pay taxes or need.

Love is that thing which gives life and breath to all that lives in this pasture.
Love imbues the spirit with being and hope. It is the glue that holds the cosmos
in place and allows for creatures to be made from the remnants of supernovae.
Love can be seen in the face of a child, jump of the sea creature, the satin painted sunset 
Heard in the song of the winged, and in the storm that replenishes mountain, field and man.
Love is a warrior set about to heal, reveal, and make new until all is well
Until the hunger of time is stilled before the caressing voice of eternity.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Deep in Sleep

Deep in sleep the dog's barking sound
Came down, down down
Til I swam through the billowy pillows
and comforting blankets up and up

When I reached the surface and opened my eyes
The lightless room unfolded before me
On with my cap and armed with my shoes
I leaned down the hallway like a rubber balloon

Out through the crashing wood and metal doors
I plunged into the cold light of the stars and
Drank in the refreshing clean pool of ether
Who or what had disturbed the frightened beast

He came to my leg and I looked down, scratching his head
Together we went to investigate our domain
Two silent shadows glowering and hovering
Long wrought Iron gate, one looking over, one under

Nothing there, silence more, and then,
Like some castle drawbridge, the opening gate screeched
And we specters floated into the alley just beyond
Blue corridor, walls and black garbage bins, left and right

Nothing there in the night, nothing wrong or right
We retreated to our fortress with G-d's blessing
Clanging shut the rolling door, I reached down again
Scratched once more the ever grateful asking canine 

The four legged teddy bear seemed to say
Won't you stay a little longer and keep me company?
I strolled away straight and tall, having just saved us all
From dew, flora and crickets strong, happy for the moment's calm

Glad for the night's celestial heights
Warmed for the sleeping family inside
Grateful for the gift of life
Swept up in the Creator's swirling dream

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All Laid Out

I closed my eyes and was all laid out on the seaside picnic table
The warm sun shone down on my face like a giant floodlight
The weight of the sky pressed down on my chest, pinned my shoulders, and flattened me against the bench
Wind rushed over my body like ocean waves running to and from the shore 
Pushing my soul further and further out to sea.
Seagulls slashed out with shrieks to rebuff all invisible threats  

So I stretched out still further to beyond the event horizon
There I wept as I embraced those whom I had mostly forgotten
Faces so pure that I wondered at their bright eyes and soft complexions
Emotion flooded my soul as I grieved for not having seen their goodness in too long a time,
While joy turned me in riptide the other way

There we shown above the farthest stars and danced a silent symphony
No want, no desire, no wondering of anything other than the celebration shared
Raised up like a spray upon the spiral of the universe in peace and stillness against a tidal crown of love
Then an unseen hand waved a wind upon all, til like sand in the Sun's warmth
We flew and sparkled in the light and settled back to whence each had come

They to the heavens and I to breathe at ocean's door
On the bench by the shore my cheeks streamed with salt water
My heart not knowing how to stop
Though it be not right to say,
All that I am would rather stay
Raised above with those I've loved,
Than here, laid out in breezes, on this day.

In memory of my Parents, David Horton and many others.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cloudy Waves

Little soldiers pass me by sometimes near then far away  
Turning into cotton balls that tend to fade from memory
Melting night becoming day, blessed sandy cloudy waves

Coursing life, caressing stances, long romantic loving glances
Humming home of warm exchanges execute perfected chances
A hello and then goodbye nest in these ancestral branches

Drumbeat strikes the shallow pond rippling on to other places
Thought transforms rock to rainbow, shown in pages' ancient phrase
Falling through the canopied heavens, raining down in cloudy waves

Hands employed, drawn out about, set to tame the tide
Catapult the harrowed ride, birth to death and other side
Drink up now of mother’s love, dew in sunshine bright

Softly slowly goes the way of life, bees blossoms honey strife
We go along our dance so well, children wife and knave
Angels softly watch on these wrapped up in cloudy waves

Breezes blanket blossomed meadows with bees sweetest scented nectar
One by one each little poppy in a kiss of blissful ardor
Embraced and taken to another, from the place it was before

Oh song of joy and sadness to thee we creatures are as slaves
Each cup that passes from vine to lips drinks up this crowd of days
Washes sun and moon away, tearing splendid lights above the cloudy waves

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Window

Looking back through the dark window of memory
Through another window at my childhood home
Long ago in another place, even then I felt it slipping away
Becoming intangible, the ground giving way beneath my feet
On the other side happy faces silent as the snow outside
Held there in the golden light like an animated spell
The ice glistening at the heavens cold moon and stars
The air pure like mountain water and the sentiment warm within,
And within my heart, so I sang a song of angels
Those inside at first startled and then laughing and crying out
Till I was met at the door with familial embrace and kisses
I had once again managed the seemingly impossible
To escape back to my place of acceptance, and caring
The place of love and kindness, where others assumed my wellbeing
Where food, good times and spirits flew to my side
How I longed to stay but felt that I could not
That my lease was up, that my story was beginning elsewhere
I understand now about what Longfellow wrote:
"And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts."
Every far off place visited, leaves many a fond ones behind
But visions and forces beyond our control drive us out
Into the winter night of life from the spring time and summer
Although the road may take us back again, we can never really stay
Oh yes, I knew it then, even as I know it now
Even as a boy, I knew that there'd be an end to it all
To those good times, to that good place and to those good folks
It was fearful to me then, even as it is somewhat tearful to me now
A weaving now unwoven allows the wind to blow through life's threads
And I must let go of that which I cannot catch
Till I am caught up in it once again, with them, in another time
With the rain and sun, in another place, through another window.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Boat

Little boat upon the sea
Drifting past where eyes can see
Horizon's splash and then beyond
To another relative home
Water continent blue and deep
Sunlight lockets dancing keep
Call of seagulls overhead
Heat rains down, skin turns red
Salty seaweed aqua spray
Swimming creatures salute the day
Ocean swells caress the hull
Sails like girls in dresses walking tall
Water on the lips, tongue, and throat,
With kind breezes, fill the soul with hope
Beggar seals and friendly dolphins visit
Elegant Pelicans glide till after fish they plummit
While waves and dreams carry us to a higher summit.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Run Down

Run down, shut up, chewed on, spit out
Ground up, walked on , kicked in, put out
shined on, black eyed, down south, get on
Beat up, broke down, can seem to crawl out
Canned up, blanked brained, canceled raw
Simple spinned, double chinned, ignored, outside
Antisocial crucible, smashed bits, broken cigarettes
Wrist watch don't work, can't save, monies spent
Weighed on, trespassed, called out, shit canned
Looking down, train tracks sound, get away
You've done wrong, too old, to fat, too young
Too big, too small, brown skinned, bound to fail
Get lost, played out, traffic ticket, bills to pay
Sick at heart, throw away, not qualified, grind and ground
Bitter, sour, sanguine, reflux, spit, coward, angry, stupid shit
Wipe the shoe, step in it, turning, wrenched, stomach pit
Threatened, bothered, borked and broken,
Piss off, pissed on, die young, death comes
Credit debit, charges charged, break the bank
Pay the fine, look away, find the time, fall down
Dirty glass, barking dog, darkened night, mind of fog
Spit out, drink up, shut in, dream on, do this now
Hope long, fight hard, one step, love all
Forgive, live.

Friday, September 02, 2011

It Wasn't Really

Thought it was special, but it wasn't really
It seemed to be magic, till it just sat there
Anything could have been, but it wasn't written
Many came to see and then went home
Then some died and some were born
Inside the bell was silence
Only love grows
Her flowers yet blossom
All the rest fades
Till there is nothing but
Wind, rain, smokey fog and dew
Aqua skies, hail and sun
All just sweat
Burnt away

Monday, July 11, 2011

Deep in Summer

Where have all the cars gone
Not as many as before
The way seems empty, the people faded
Buried deep in summer
They are buried deep in summer

Each in a tunnel of his or her own sun
In burrow of singular fun
Shooting out the other side of black holes
Where the light is stored for a rainy day
Travel on to the commonplace
The business space, the pent up race
There the heat, it cannot touch you
The windows cannot see you
Skinny life measured out barely reaches
Comics in the sky play out, but ignore those within
Hearts lined up, armored against the bird song
Marching dutifully toward five
When ocean tide awakens
Then sun and moon descend like dew
To moisten every eye wherein grows love
Buried deep in summer
Love grows buried deep in summer

A baby cries, a mother calls, a school yard lives
Ice cream melts slowly down the horizon
All the crickets play, old timers talk
Ladybug and ants creep along the rose stem
Sigh and wipe away the persperation
Buttery thick the air as twilight fades
Restless flies in the kitchen never notice
Crash goes the screen door
Dirty ruddy freckles, and glowing eyes
Hanging mouth drinking in breath
Corners turned up in happiness
Buried deep in summer
Smiles of the young are buried deep in summer

Jays and Starlings weave nest and song
Starry Night comes to birth
As life whirls about the streetlight
A tugboat groans somewhere from afar
Something hisses and the night glows red
Coke ovens across the river find relief
A dog barks, then silence, and sleep comes to bed
Dreams conjure under damp linen clouds
Traveling faces, friends, lips, arms, foes, charms 
Refreshed only by cool morning breezes
As clarity of day calls our name
Awakening is buried deep in summer
A heart beating buried deep within ssssummer

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Lamb

Once, in the day of rest
K'dusha rent this earthly vest
A silent wind flew to another place
Of azure surrounding flame of swirling white
No care did follow there
Only the quiet roar of myriad voice
Joined in Spirit the distant many called out
Filling the waters above the earth
K'dosh, K'dosh, K'dosh. . . .
As the sound settled in this life
Holy, Holy, Holy
Dreamlike universe seemed to turn
Is the L-rd of Hosts
Till awareness came to something near
The whole earth is full of His Glory
Standing alone was the Lamb
All of creation is full of His Praise
Gentle, yet strong, with seven eyes
Baruch K'vod ....
Holding all within an unwavering gaze
Blessed is the Glory of the L-rd in His abode. snow pure and still, knowing He is G-d 
As this time melts away.. .

The Sloth

Goodly now the night is come
Wine must needs leave the hand
Fly flees not, seeing not the bed
Nor the pillow where lays a sweaty head
Air still wet and thick
Hanging round like dragon's breath
Distant cars pass like songs
till silence creeps in
To put aside lazy thought
Lay here upon canvas cot
Flora exhale in the mind and senses
As Berried Bushes bring about bear's drool
So Nick Bottom doth make a fool
Donkey becomes an Ass to know
Tis not spring but summer now
Jasmine delights this furrowed brow
Orange Blossom spiders dance in the moon
Whilst Stars and planets fall in fast
Dark matter wise and vast
Radiate to crowd out all
Save the play of little gentler hearts
Roll away now, roll far away
Drowsily, overturned is sinking day.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Please check out my friend Scott Lasky, a really fine composer

Here is a recent piano piece written by an old friend of mine; I find it frankly stunning. Hope you like it as well.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

All Writ Out

All shut up, all writ out
Try to write, it won't come out
Try again, turn about
Stretch the words, make them shout
The head is empty, nothing's there
No feelings felt, no despair
Clever quips all flown away
Muted strikes the end of day
Blood turns still to cotton
Birthing thoughts now forgotten
The new idea does not sketch
Here draw upon an empty nest
A sling of sighs with none to cast
Colors witheld from stained glass
 Not to worry, nor to pity
Hemingway lives in a far off city
Shakespeare never stooped down these stair
His hand touched not the mundane fare
So what of it when wispy wind comes not
The smoke of this script is but sot
Thus contented with his lot
The pen refuses to put the jot
So silly strings need not be missed
Of nothing being wrought
When the lines all come to naught.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreaming Again

I was dreaming again, of untroubled time
But the watchers came and killed the dream
Dressed in hollow lab coats white and clean
With no ears to hear my scream
And secret words behind the walls were spoken
My head hurt and inside my words were choking
The labor of my hand was turned against my name
Wide eye stares and rubber faces
Official chicken gibberish words spake out
Till from deep in the earth rose up anger's shout
My mind could no longer see,
But the grabbing of their collars and slapping of their faces
My words had not syllable, could write no sound, no cases
For the hideous creatures shrieking had no gentleness
The skinner box was closed and the righteousness
Of the headless invisible ones crushed all that was good
Breaking heart and will, looking on behind darkened hood
Oh so tired to carry, that which needs be buried 
The boxer had no place to strike at blood and clay
For the shadows on the wall had all run away
Back to their places behind the day
Back to where they'd been before
Little dictators one and all
All home caning in Singapour
Do not chase them, let them go
For anger doth kill the mortal soul,
They like spiders run to count vibrations
Caught up in coolie whispered lies
Those black hole bellied spies
Sucking out the life of the hive
Till they fall fast like broken lines
From the weight of shallow hollow spines.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long Lost Lad

I'm lookin for a long lost Ladd
I knew him once I Knew his dad
I found him on my doorstep and on my dialpad
But know, he's gone away, I hope not angry, perchance not sad
He climbed the bears Nest
And divined the sailors' shipwreck
Now on land, then again on deck
Where'd he go now, this son of the Titans
To feed the waif and fill the wayward
With food and tale, folksong and ale
Till all, filled with words so long,
Become ready for the comfort of dreams
For a hand on the helm gives warmth to the souls
Any who know the navigators skill
So the winds whisper still.....
Laddy where have ya gone ta son?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Moment With the Torah

I grabbed hold of the Torah and hugged it close,
My head going into it's cover and pressing against it
With eyes closed and in a moment before we began to sing
I felt my soul travel off to be with Him
Enraptured and enfolded by His Almighty presence
For an instant all cares and worries faded
I thought to myself this must be what it is like
To pass from this world to the next
No thought of responsibility, toil,
Nor the weight of this life and others
Just a short time of peace in the warmth
Comfort and shadow of His presence
Knowing the Sabbath rest, but more than this
To be all enveloped in stillness without desire
No intent did take me there, nor did it bring me back
But rather it was the sound of our voices
Canting the words of the Torah processional
Down from Sinai Moses descends with
G-d's holy word in his hands
It was an auspicious time
A time when G-d's voice could be discerned in dreams
Not a voice of anger toward Pharaoh 
But one of love and correction
Not unlike a Dickens narrative
So that we might know for ourselves
Beyond mere trust, but rather by experience
King Davids words of Psalm 23.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Night

I love the winter night
The cold dark so stark and bright
No one out, none in site
Walk on for miles in silent sight

So peaceful is the fair
Midnight cleansing air
That washes over me
As my dog and I pass there

Stunning the resplendence
Of its pristine clarity
Like a mountain stream falling
Making soft the mind's horizon

Gently flowing
Carrying us along
While others sleep well
And some sleep long

All of us wrapped up together
In the watchful starry blanket
A sea of souls The Painter's brush strokes
Touching the texture of innocence

Like a one who takes my hand
Calms that which tries to comprehend
The unending unseen extending out
Beyond the steps I make

On to the unspoken blowing whispers
Over the white snow and black Terran lake
So refreshing to this ethereal kite
I love the quiet winter night

A Kind of Purgatory

When the travelers' sleep began to thaw
The shadows had not yet gone to rest
A moment in the wall of cold, then harnesses buckled
Once again the iron gate called out its ancient sound
Beyond the colonnade and gardens two sprites shown
A lone sentry watched as we entered his regard
Marking our departure from the place of dreams
A coyote, that crooked shade, paused, then flew across the way
Opening the unseen lock to let our vessel pass
His bushy pale grey tail flagged us onward
Out and into the main channel's current,
Between the mouth of the railroad's black underbrush
And the opposing forest of cobalt house shrubbery
We passed by as if in a soap bubble
Black shadows danced about on the corner
As if driven by an oven's pungent breath
Like black flames in some kind of purgatory
There in the tender wisps of white morning mists
Dangling like bait on unseen strings
Until the great metal Leviathan
Came down hard and fast with a wail and snort
To swallow everyone his soul and future
Carrying them off like Jonahs to Ninevah
Where had they gone, to whom would they prophesie
My head turned round, my little one was left behind
To bath at sun up in cheery water polo soup
I drifted on to hazey blinding skys at high speeds
Coughed out and delivered on the doorstep
Picking up where I left off
Stepping into the clock of the dream breaker
Slowly coming round to florescent lights
And the warm smell of strong coffee
Pouring through my mind

Monday, July 12, 2010


For now to sleep the bygone way
To leave behind the things of day
To travel on a darkened path
Into the light of thoughts and sprites
Of things forgone and things past
Of desired futures milky way
Wrongs and rights beneath the mast
There to work out what cannot be
All the things the mind conceives
Flights of spirit, souls and me
My cradle G-d rocks ever gently
Into the not yet and becoming billows
Beyond the reach of the sun
In bed, blanket and pillows
In the quiet stream of fresh night air
Sometimes troubled, other times clear
Looking for ones who passed by there
Through hallways long and garden passages
Delighted to be swimming up in the breezes
While yet resting with princes and sages
With unseen relatives who help turn the pages
I enter swept onward brave blind coward
Through the door and currents of unknowable day
In gentle morning dawn misting flowers in the hay.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life and Death

Upon hearing the sound
Of  horn, hoof and hound
Like mountain streams gone riverbound
Refreshing waters underground
In canyons deep where oceans abound
Done round and round and round
He ventured an stumbled on like a funny clown
To the peopled Borough where the lights shown
Up and down the mounds
Over the hills and statued lawns
In distant floating nights and breezy chirping dawns
On his face were dew and sun
Guiding to the place and town
Of schooled and steepled vagabond
Where the only safe one
Was the rabbit on the run
The glory was great and wine ran freely
Kisses like roses, fragrant and silly
Those in tails and wedding gowns danced gaily
Rocking babies in their cribs slept well
Old ones rested and blessed the spell
With stories long gone and present to tell
So the spinning spun along in the dell
And all things seemed well done and said
When on the green the fox turned red
Startled by the black sound of a gun
Well before it's shout the race had begun
Come spring, come summer, come fall undone
For life and horizon
Origin and destination
Cursing , fighting and alienation
Creating, loving with much dedication
Toil, blessing and damnation
Prayer, song and coronation
Flowers, fowlers and commendation
Prosperity, fools gold, joy and lamentation
Of living, dieing and regeneration
Till the muted coo coo looked on without animation
In the pasture the cows lowed to slow the expectation
Time's point ever sharpening while dulling sensation
Shot an arrow from a distant quiver
Below, Country and  town  began to shiver
Breath on his lips was fleeting, and the clouds fickle
Southward Ducks and Geese looked down like angels
Upon each newborn calf, lamb and foal
The bell in the in the market place began to toll
With howling the windswept snow-squalls flew
Slowly hands of ice on placid waters grew
Then all was calm in his mind's landscape view
Of all he had been and done, of those he'd loved and knew
Till days gone and scattered shadows shew
Now lain aside were cap and gown
As vacant white sleep lay quiet on frozen ground
Silently fly away, fly away, sight and sound
Far from his bosom, where he lay down 
With the earth his bed, the cold his blanket,
The snow his pillow, G-d his comfort,
And death his crown.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Well of Night

The Well of night is frightening
The dark hides many things
To look therein is fearful
What is found there is terrifying
Inside the broken rings it brings
The sunlight breaks down upon the barrier
Reflecting on the surface of the pool
And gives me strength like a warrior
To carry on strong yet my heart is cool
I dare not peer into that place
For this strength is weakness that must pass
In that day far away but sure
When that season brings the rain
To wash away the dredge of sludge
To drain away the underwater pain
When night is broken and peace shall reign
There baby and elder, sick and unwanted
Large and insignificant to gain
Then I will lose myself in the clear blue sky
With clouds for resting cushions
And stars for companions by and by.

A Prayer for loved ones

Oh the pain, Oh the pain
For my loved ones
And their fading strength
Like a breath that I cannot catch
Like the fleeting moment that is past
As I climb a mountain of emotion
To the pinnacle of prayer
There I spy release from evil's lair
For my beloved ones tender and slight
To see them struggle against darkest night
Oh Lord fan the spark of life
His assurance calms my fright
I do not know where they travel
In His ship of peace can be no evil
I take comfort in this right spirit

Oh the pain, Oh the pain
of my loved ones ripped away
Their faces fade to black and white
Speaking softly in my night of their day
Showing me things I'd long forgotten
 They clap for me while I play
Silently they tread away
From my field of cotton
In their eyes a knowing look
Welled up with tears of joy
My heart is sad and lacrimose
With the longings of a boy
To be enfolded again in arms now lost
Where they are I cannot be
Where they be I surely go
To the deep black light of starry sea

When the sun shall wash away our memory
And we embrace at the end of day
Restored anew in Love's endless country.

Time and Being

The twisting cloudy mists
Of all that we seek to grasp
Slips away to become
That which we think we wanted
And when we find ourselves
In the place of our desire
A pebble comes to break up
Our reflection in the pool of vision
At that instant the crash of time appears
Violently to rip away part of our life and
For a fleeting moment we come
Face to face with our mortality
In the cold damp tomb of
Our now uncertain furture
No matter how we distract ourselves
In the flurry of life
A piece of us shudders
Waiting for the shock of death
To deliver us into
The still and roaring presence of G-d.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Oklahoma is that state which bares the worst scars of our country in its very soul.
An Indian head penny minted and pressed out in the great depression,
the land still breaths the threats and curses of the dust bowl.
The spirits in the plains wind have drawn from deep wells of hatred, bigotry, hardship and bitter sleep. The ground yet boasts the blood of black tar, and the willows rest alone.
The air is like dusty coffee, and the people like a painting, for the clocks are surreal.
The world is become brown and even supported by the hum of a bug sized pickup on the horizon.
Fear not, for Oklahoma is a wide and mighty roaring river of faith, burnt and tested golden.
It will carry each contemplative soul back to his or her destiny.
Some on a whirlwind, and that with great simplicity.
Don't chase away the blackbird when you catch his scrawny tune.
His song is the freshest event that will split the serenity of your plateau there,
save the light of G-d in the hearts of men passing near.

The Old Oak, In Memory of Robert Frost

The old oak stands stretching tall
Full of sweet dripping sap
That smells so like mash
Who's stain of sticky resin stays
As I walk away with turned back
And feel the weight of sunbeams
Coming through his fingers
Striking out my shadow
I ponder and wonder at the strength
Of his robust limbs and branches
Casting cool patches of shade
Baring and bending, filtering light
In that shelter the birds alite
Fluttering along the creaking bough
Their songs a shower of blessings
Flowing down the ripple wrinkled trunk
Grasping twisted roots find their way
Ants tickling the belly of amber red leaves
That crackle and swish of life
A legacy of warmth to the spirit
Of refreshment to the soul of creatures
Though the winter has brought the old oak sleep
Another smiles to see him wake.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Speaker

Analogies like allergies
Spring forth like pollen
In the flower of a teaching
Oh those diagrams
Shine like diadems
In the mind of the speaker
Get off my perception
It's too free to use
To build up your ego
Which has gotten so huge
Lift up a mountain
Drink up the sea
Capture the wind
Its all the same to me
How is it the man does not hear
What has become to us so clear
That the clouds have crowded his ears
Sillogies, stories, anecdotes
Pickles, olives, artichokes
Seem so very much remote
To those waiting for the news
Thirsty for some hidden truths
But never there to find
Once eclipsed, passed over,
Behind the blind, drawn
By the words of the speaker