Friday, March 09, 2018

Dedication To a Poet

You must be a fairy
From the far away land of Ire,
For your words flow like the spring,
Fly like a bird and sing
Like a brooklet
Without beginning or end,
Only the shimmering of sunlight
Through the whispering trees
In the purity
Of the moment
And season

I turn my eyes away now
As I cannot bare to look intently
Upon such brightness
That pricks the heart so well -
So masterfully do the fairy people
Bend the words that move the spirit
To lift the face and eyes of life.
Blessings and every success
In the great venture of
Spending the treasured text.

Thursday, March 08, 2018


A couple couplets more, until then,
May the wind fare thee well again and again ..
- and to all, fly ye like the wren,
Far above the company of common men,
Nay, beyond mear words,
In the peaceful presence of the great - I Am.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

In the Green of Eden's Shade

We the ones that He hath made
In the green of Eden’s shade
Shall we not in this new day
Unto Him render praise

Glorious in power
Wonderful in might
Follow we His holy light

In His Prince do we find peace 
Gracious mercy our hearts to keep
High upon the mountain shelf
Kiss the one who is our help

Upon Him cast our entreaty
Who holds creation in entirety
Great, the Lord strong and mighty

Come to Him for every good
Away with evil stone and wood
Cry out in the darkest night
To Thee o star of morning bright

Calms He the lion and ocean’s roar
Standing by the fire, on the seashore
Knocking at one and every heart's door
Blessed be He who comes in the name of the Lord
Holy is His Name now and forevermore

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A False Prophet's Bed

It’s not right, just not fair
The purity, justice, honesty
So hide the sunshine, sow despair

Too many varieties of  flavor
Rather, show an empty chair
Not Vanilla, nor Chocolate spice to savor
No, offer but water scented air

Slap the tender cheek
Report the action kind
Mislead and maim the meek
Bring roses and lavender to mind
While serving the rotting rind

A curse upon your tongue
A blight upon you hand
Within you flames have begun
Beneath your feet sulfurous sand

If this pen of grief and anger
Could but become an ax
‘Twould gut this play asunder

Nobody to listen
No one to care
Looking out the window
Nary a one there

A bus load of empty seats
A trick without treats
The stupidity continues
None questions or seeks
No original syllable speaks

Social thought control
In each plebeian soul
Flatten every forehead
In a fight for old bread

Yes dumb it all down
Lend a thoughtless frown
Repeat and regurgitate
Think hard and meditate
Imprison minds and then restate

Tell the sheep what is fair
Then all may march
Single file without care
But for the grace of Truth
Go we all there

Does the voice make your head
A false prophet's bed?
Do the words in your heart
Tell you where to start?

Television grows the mold
Allows dark fear to take hold
Hide the shepherd, do what is told
Clever black contemplation
A corrupting manipulation

No content to the schools
From empty headed fools
Teaching politically correct shoulds
And silly faux science falsehoods

Sober shouting common-ism
Parading with fanatic fatalism
But we say nay to faceless oligarchs
In the headless speak of media arts
And scribbling lines in legal courts

We’ll not trade in our parents
To buy pawns with magic talents
Nor purchase pairs of Nike shoes
With our souls for your empty blues

We’re not changing our religion
So unwinds the mechanism
With the help of love from God above
Eyes and self, averted from the perverted,
From the cold edifices of heartless love

Unseeing, unknowing in demise
Yet, self proclaimed as wise
Despicable and broken in disease

Rejected and ejected
Now unprotected
Not one suspected
Un-whole and dejected
The unholy thing reflected
Thoroughly disrespected
Evil unelected
Deceptions inspected
Propaganda dissected
Destroyed and disconnected

Grieving tears cleanse all the earth
Washing away ideas without worth
And the bloody corpus lay slain
As many spirits arise in rebirth
Lifted far above the dull and vain

As the weathervane
Points toward heaven’s plane
The tides of consequence fall
Blanketing death lies in a burial pall

Covering the green ivy’s stain
Of the utopian power in shame 
Each owner to frighten and appall
Red faces turned ashen in pain
In the Light cast down upon all.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Red Wine Divine

The red wine
Is divine
Softens I suppose
The Lachrymose
Symbol and sign
That rising overflows
This heart of mine.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Firebird's Flamenco

The curtain was black
The artists’ clothing black
Black was the night outside
In the darkened theater 
For what seemed an eternity
Then came the leviathan
Swimming steadily toward the surface
Through the ages of time and
Within the souls of each gathered there
As she broke through the waters
The sky fell in a red wall of pain
Wailing, the gypsy woman’s voice cried out
Again and again riding upon mighty waves
Outside the leaves in the trees trembled 
No word dared speak
No sound showed itself
So the spell began
A people had danced 
On the edge of sword and flame
Now one of those wanderers
Danced before the hungry eyes
Of all who huddled together 
For the comfort of something lost
There rising up from the ashes 
Then settling down again and again
Alighted the Firebird
Fierce and proud was her beauty
Noble was her every movement
Attacking and feigning
Sailing, swooping, striking
Stretching up to her sisters the stars
Moving to the rhythm of ancient melodies 
The guitars strummed and 
Picked out each note with excellence
The singers voices sang on 
Like a tempest of swirling emotion
Carrying all of our spirits with them  
Along the course of the starry heavens
Together with the moon 
They stirred the many waters
Given power from the sun 
They penetrated every beating heart
Restless the caravan again moved on
Like Bedouins heavy laden with memories
To a land peopled with bazaars and silk
Overflowing with Jasmine and saffron
Tea, rosewater, bright red poppies and poetry
Rising up in the smokers contemplations
Hopes and dreams climbed and fell 
With the waves of heat like a mirage
Hardships and persecution came
With riches, sweetness, children and tradition
But when oppression spilled over
Against her people
Like ink upon the parchment 
The Firebird fierce as she was 
Could shelter their souls 
Like chics within her wings,
For only a few dynamic moments
Great and powerful was her magic, 
Spreading out 
In graceful complexity 
In each step
Every challenge, 
Every regal pirouette
Commanding head cock
Noble bearing and generous gesture
Powerful and loving
But this handsome people
Flowed like a river 
Winding and cutting across the land, 
A majestic life force
As free and indomitable
As the Flamenco’s fire of red and black
A people that could not be counted 
A generation that could not be imagined 
Nor could their spark be contained
So the Firebird in her great wisdom
Summoned that most monstrous of sea creatures
The Behemoth , commanding that he 
Swallow up the vast stream of souls, and
Carry them far away to a place in the sun
Where they might live and prosper once more
The majestic and glorious Firebird 
Having accomplished her mission 
Bridled and harnessed the winds
Flying away with mighty strokes of her powerful wings
Radiant and triumphant
Over the curvature of the earth and sky
Through the suns rays and clouds above 
Until she reached the mountains of red clay
That place of old 
Where she and her children had once dwelled
But had long ago been cast out of 
There the Firebird touched down
The people dressed in black 
Pierced the silence 
Filling the earth once more
With their enchanted music 
The gypsies held each heart hostage 
A prisoner to the rich 
Undulating palpitations
Of their songs and words
Locking in our very being for a time
While the Firebird allowed her self
To unfold her magnificent wings
Dancing, strolling, strutting about 
Stepping, spinning, posturing
Freezing still, statuesque 
Gently moving, slowing time
Transforming herself into 
A beautiful rainbow plumed peacock
In order that she might now 
Express with exuberance 
The Joy and pleasure 
She had in the knowledge 
That her people were safe
The Firebird exalted 
In the pride of sharing 
The mosaic of their story
The artists in black played
Out of the black their voices sang
The curtain was black, and 
Black was the night outside
Inside the darkened theater
For what seemed an eternity
Then, the Lights came up
With them the audience also
At once on their feet
Overflowing in emotions 
Erupting with shouts and hands clapping 
The Midwives together with the Firebird 
Had labored feverishly and a child had been birthed
Arm in arm they danced and sang a little more
Once again the crowd stood up as one celebrating 
Bursting with happiness and wonder  
Swept up in the experience of the moment
While quietly hidden away
Intertwined with their effusive expression
Somewhere within themselves, 
In the inner chambers of being,
They also wept, having taken hold of
The scarlet ribbon of the Firebird’s Flamenco 
Leading back to the past
Remembering the rivers of Babylon 
Running deep
Beneath the myriad blessings and pleasantness

Of this present season. 

Brava, Bravo - Leilah Broukhim and fellow Flamenco artists

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

An Imperfect Trust

An Imperfect trust 
Like a broken window
Lay shattered by the stones of worry

Landing against the mind’s eye
The storms came and the rain fell
And Like a frightened child 

Stumbling and crying out for help
I saw the man fall 
Only to land in the hand of Love

A turning Autumn leaf , red and orange
Upon the calm of rippling water
Then a soothing voice called out - float

Float - you are accepted - be at peace 
Covered in this blanket of healing balm

Once again a soul is comforted

Monday, January 08, 2018

The Universe Unfolding

The past lay smoldering, moldering
A voice was then emboldened to speak

The Universe unfolding
Upon the event horizon
Threatening arrows flying

The Apostrophe standing silent
Waiting, watching, shimmering
On the surface of the moment

Then the HAND holding the rose


Sending radiant buzzing Stars proclaiming…



Majestic spinning Planets singing…


Blazing peals of fiery light
O oceans of fluorescing colors
Resplendent shades of time

On the still roar of all whispers
Creation, cataclysmic kaleidoscopic calligraphy
In Clouds above the waters Shouting…


Resounding, heralding, expanding
Throughout the cresting arc of Heaven
Beauteous awe of lightening flashing

Among the pearly body of softly flowing rain
Riding upon the white horse of fury
Sapphire glow, round burning golden bronze


The Blossom of eternal spring 
Dawning light of a new day without end
Death and Darkness melting away destroyed 


On a flying scroll was written
Ascribe all Honor and Glory to the ONE
Who reveals the Tree of Life
Who makes Healing a river unto the nations
Who causes Faith and Hope to endure
Who's Wisdom dwells enflamed
In the all consuming fire of HIS LOVE

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Good Enough

I jumped the hedges, but not high enough

I ran the miles, but never fast enough

My muscles grew but not large enough

I played the piano but never well enough

I won the scholarship but not important enough

I spun the tale but not grand enough

I got off the tread mill but not long enough

So I studied but not hard enough

I acted and performed but no one cared

And the masses trudged on 

I sang with the orchestra no one listened

I became a man of letters, it mattered not

I struck up a deal but it was concealed

I fought with evil and God prevailed

I bled away but the world looked on 

I gave my best, but it was not good enough

Never, never, was it good enough

But before there was nothing left

I found love and that was good enough.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wish It Were So - with audio

When I was a boy so little and so young
Mama taught me many songs that I still hum
Lots of funny tunes that we had sung
Telling tales of many journeys begun

About Rip van Winkle and  ESOPs fables
Three cornered hats and schnitzel tables
Mother Goose fairies’ gold would spin
And stories from Brothers Grimm

Well I’d let out a sneeze and the birds in the trees
Would fly and float down on the breeze
Then they’d sit right here upon my knees
And we’d whistle out sweet melodies

About flying in the heavens over deep blue seas
Then they’d tell me ‘bout the beautiful things that they see
The secrets of  the flowers and the buzzing of the bees
And the mysterious whispering breeze

Don’t you know I wish it were so
Don’t you know I wish it were so
All the colorful pictures
The princesses and witches
Don’t you know I wish it were so

We would sail the oceans blue and true
We would climb the mountains me and you
Love would fill our young hearts with the sun
And we would have nothing but fun

Well the dwarves would scare the little snitches
Who got too big for their bright red britches
Then we'd go outside and make angels in the snow
Don’t you know I wish it were so

There'd be Houses made of cake and candy
Lots of Boys and girls dressed so dandy
Warm cookies in the kitchen
And Huck Fin is gone a fishin
Don’t you know I wish it were so

Dancing in the pouring rain
Floatin paper boats down the storm drain
Our days were played in song and dream 
Don’t you know I wish it were so!

Don’t you know I wish it were so
Don’t you know I wish it were so
All the colorful pictures
The princesses and witches
Don’t you know I wish it were so

We would sail the oceans blue and true
We would climb the mountains me and you
Love would fill our young hearts with the sun
And we would have nothing but fun