Friday, May 19, 2017

Haiku x9 - with audio

audio link

Softly lay one down
Ears caressed, wind's whispers speak
White Autumn Blossoms

The cackling hens
Could not take away the peace
Of calm fall water

Sunshine overhead
Shady morning trees walking
October birdsong

Twin Pines sparrows flight
Standing in the morning light
Pumpkins, Autumn bright

Fall rain, sun's sharp rays
Butterfly quivering fade
Floral horizon

A sliver of peach
Cool against purple abyss
Autumn moon silence

Blind hidden sorrow
Dried up joy melting the heart
Silent winter tears

The more pure love is
Less faults in the heart to find
Early comes the Spring

Little pretty one
Laid low in stormy showers
Summer Rose standing

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Writing - with audio

audio link

Writing is a type of mania
But without those less desirable
side affects of other self indulgent
behaviors. It helps one to shed the
straight jacket and washes cool
The burning fires of the soul
Refreshing ever those musty places
Trapped deep within
Giving voice to
Subterranean soundings.