Monday, July 17, 2017

In The Sky I see Your Face - with audio


The good old sun keeps a burning burning burning
The dancing world keeps on turning turning turning
Little feet run and fly returning, returning
Home after a day of youthful play

And in the sky I see your face
Eyes so true, your quiet loving voice
Lives intertwine, love’s sweetest wine
Mountains grey, oceans blue, lead to you, so fine

The birds they sing whistling, chirping calling
Above the orange blossoms budding, blooming falling
Insects and creatures creeping, restless, crawling
Colorful, black and grey, in the green and brown

And in my heart I call out to you
Your embrace in the grace of morning dew
The touch of your hand so soft and kind
Resting on the horizon, soaring in my soul and mind

And if the Sun and sky flee away
The stormy clouds come take away the day
I’ll search the moon and stars in the night
Till I find away to make it right

On highest waves and in oceans deep
From darkest forest to highest mountains keep
Until the winds kiss this life with your name
And you rest here in these arms once again

Oh what ever in the world can I do
But to keep on forever loving you
All of the goodness this old world can bring
Is wrapped up in your love so I sing

The good old sun keeps a burning burning burning
The dancing world keeps on turning turning turning
Little feet run and fly not returning, not returning
Gone away from home after a wedding day of play

But high above the warm sun is brightly, finely, shining
The spinning world keeps on grinning, beaming, smiling
Rose petal blushes crimson, beckoning, and beguiling
In the days, stars and moon, love is music, bride and groom

And in the sky I see your face
Deep in love, a gentle secret place
Hearts intertwine, sweetest heavenly design
Oceans swell, Mountains climb, I am yours as you are mine

The good old sun keeps a burning burning burning
This dancing world keeps on turning turning turning
Little feet run and fly returning, returning
Home after a day of youthful play

And in the sky I see your face
Eyes so true, your quiet loving voice
Lives intertwine, love’s sweetest wine,
Earth and sky, Rainbow’s hue, can it be true, that you are mine

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tired - with audio

audio link

I’m tired
Tired of the heat
Need an ice cold treat
I’m tired and I’m beat

Tripping through my world
Angry at all who I meet

I need to retreat
Speaking thoughts, not discrete
Can’t walk on my feet

Falling on the curb
Face in the concrete

I’m announcing defeat
Hiding under the sheet
And my work’s not complete

Tumbling down the stairs
Right out into the street

What can I say
What shall I speak

Please just excuse me
Friend I’m feeling weak

Too tired to respect you
So tired, just had to repeat

Please let me find a cool night
So I can lay in some sleep

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Fret Not Little Bird - with audio

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Fret not little bird and hear the true word that all will be well in the dell
Join those in the field a blossomed little world, where the sky doth rest upon the tel
Trust in the one who made the earth and sun, with the seeds, and the trees, and the fruit
With a purpose, we suppose, for the bee and the rose, and for you and your lovely recruit

So swell up with song for the light doth shine strong and the way is clear above in the wide and blue
With sweet blessings falling in the breezes that come a calling, bringing flight to me and to you.
dedicated to the nini kid for sweet happiness and blessings always. 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017

No More Reason In The Rhyme - with audio

Asking all the questions
Making no connections
Drifting through hollow checkout lines

Headed no direction
Diced up into sections
On the freeway one more time

The voice of news resigns
Information to compel and sell
But way up in my head, I’m feeling fine

I’m just cruising on
Just like ten thousand lost songs
In another paradigm
Coming from a different time
Having these big conversations
That never reach their destinations
No communication in these words of mine

I’m just cruising along
Covered in an ocean white with foam
Smiling youthful faces
Silent waves, and graces
Criminal, to be a generation behind
Inside feels like dying, crying, trying to remind
Sighing, sharing caring, reaching out deaf and blind

Asking all the questions
Used to give directions
Out front and headed up the line

Singing songs, and making deals
On the stage and in Time square
In the Halls and hearts made it shine

Cities crashing to the ground
Unknowing eyes hear no sound
Language foreign, no more reason in the Rhyme

Friday, June 23, 2017

Where Do The Words Go - with audio

audio link

Where do the words go
Down the page
In the book
On the shelf
You know

Where to the words go
Out of the head
On the paper
Scale the caper
Oh, OH

Where do the words go
In the hidden heart
Deep in the soul
And on the pages now
Only the spaces show

Where do the words go
Spent at a party
In a passing car
On the nearest star
A mystery to show

Where do the words go
Between me and thee
He and she
Faces and baby
To pictures below

Where do the words go
Into the ground
To sprout the seeds
In rain coming down
Sunlit sound in swaying trees

Where do the words go
Sent to the spirit rising
Beyond painted horizon
Higher than lightning
Passing Jupiter Calypso and Pluto

Where do the words go
Cleansed in waters above
Returned to the Cosmos
Spiraling eternal shuddering colors
Love’s Utterances of long ago 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Poems Naive

Hello All:

The poems herein represent feelings, reflections and moments in time. They are original drafts, some of which remain here in all their glory and have not been edited. The criticism that I get from most of my writer friends is that the poems or stories do not have a beginning middle and an end. This is because most of us here in the west, whether we know it or not, have been trained in the style and structure of classical literature. In the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, from beat poets, to Bukowski to rap there has been some movement away from that strictness of form, as seen in the visual art world first with the French painters of the late 19 century and the Spanish painters of the early 20th, culminating with folks like Jackson Pollard in the 1930s 40s and beyond.

That being said a lot the work here is amateur and naive, and without the polish of the outstanding professional training and talent represented by the rich literary traditions available to us in each of our respective places of origin.

I'm not sure that I will get around to tidying up around here, so if you see these poems elsewhere in the future looking a little different and some with changed titles its all good. You can say; well I knew those poems way back when, before they were all clean and shiny. Thanks for looking in -

and Best Regards,
Dusty Crucible, at
PS. Check for audio links to hear some poems read aloud.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Gentle Elevation - with audio

audio link

Walking long in the majestic woods
Cabins watching like men in hoods

Eyes unfolding mysteries o’er the sandy path
Conifers, Pines, Oaks, and deep green undergrowth

Angelic Sunlight reaches down through leafy branches
Kind words, knowing smiles, hushed voices, a Blue Jay dances

Love is given and taken in the rich mountain air
Woodpeckers overhead work and play with equal flair

Tap tap tap tap tap, flying, sailing, diving, chattering
A pond in the distance, surface rippling, hardly noticing

Peaceful thoughts in the day’s hot fractured light
Sounds of mice in the ceiling, mountain lion’s cries in the night

Cold dark restless outside, inside quiet prayers, bodies calm
Blanketed sleep, murmuring softly, popping flames charm and warm

Coffee and eggs, with sleepy happy faces
Packing and cleaning then on to other places

Oh gentle elevation touched by descending cloudy vapors
Each heart beats out a song, singing of your stunning favors

Farewell to all creatures, wildflowers and living things so pretty
Down the winding ways speed we away toward the distant city