Tuesday, May 13, 2025

Poems Naive - with audio

Hello All:

The poems herein represent original drafts, most of which remain here in all their glory and have not been edited. I'm not sure that I will get around to tidying up around here, so if you see them elsewhere in the future looking a little different and some with changed titles its all good. You can say; well I knew those poems way back when, before they were all clean and shiny. Thanks for looking in.

Dusty Crucible
PS. Check for audio links to hear some read aloud.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Riding the Wave of Time - with audio

audio link

I sighed and
He said goodbye
Riding the wave of time

Not long forgotten
He rose again in my mind
Riding the wave of time

Having once died
But now lives again
Riding the wave of time

Somewhere in my soul
Connected to this spirit
Riding the wave of time

Collision, conclusion
Lachrymose the eyes
Riding the wave of time 

Laughter heaves the breath
Sentimental collusion
Riding the wave of time 

Ah, what mysterious reverie
Is that singularity memory
Riding the wave of time

Another year older
Some days longer
Riding the wave of time 

So I wonder
Then ponder
What is yonder
Riding the wave of time 

And he is
But is not
Riding the wave of time

In spacious hearts
And outside all
In Him
Gone is the wave of time

Yet flourishing
And Loving
We remain
Beyond the wave of time.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

SLIM AND JIM - with audio

audio link

Slim was slimmer than Jim
This matter made Jim quite a crier
He denied the fact
That he was twice as fat
Making Jim the fatter latter liar